capture CO2 out of air or water, and re-mineralize it into a sculpture

Casting Haze, Base
lecture performance and installation by Katrin Hornek

Published: October 3 2018
Reading Time: 1 minute read


capture CO2 out of air or water, and re-mineralize it into a sculpture. Like an artificial shell. Then, award the sculpture as a trophy. At 14 kg, it will weigh the same as the average monthly human lung output of CO2 in dormancy. Atmosphere – The Decarbonization Trophy. A collective problem needs a collective prize.

Carbon Dioxide, the de-materialized product of industrialization, heating blanket of climate change, and backbone of computerized societies, is involved in all metabolic processes, from organisms to the earth’s crust. It connects our CO2-emitting lungs with deep sea shells, all biomass, exhaust pipes, and the skyscrapers that use shell-limestone to bind their cement composition.

Researchers all over the world are joining the challenge to artificially re-edit, rewind, and fast forward this carbon cycle. Their goal is to bring CO2 into a stable, storable state, or reintroduce it into profitable, productive cycles. In dialogue with selected research institutes, the trophy will be developed according to collected 3D samples of their carbon engineering work.

The award will be handed over in 2020 to individuals or research groups who will have helped to reshape the world’s climate in the most sustainable way.

Website: Katrin Hornek