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Talk #5:
Seeing the Olympics

Published: December 7 2019
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Date: 7.12.2019
Time: 3:30 – 5:30 pm
Language: Chinese/ English

The Olympic look of the games is the most complex branding and design program in the entire world of sport. An Olympic campaign is always a process of designing a place as ‘international’. The Olympic games, like other megaprojects, confirm, strengthen and, along some dimensions, undermine or transform power relations in their host environments. During the leadup, host cities project certain images, themes, narratives and values. Beijing22 wants to take a first look in current mechanisms in Beijing’s public visual identity leading up to the Winter games through the lens of design, architecture and urban planning.

As culmination of an intense, thematic and visual exploration, the look ultimately defines the 17 days of the Olympic Games to the world. An anticipatory event for global spectators, broadcasters, and Olympians alike. The look of the games delivers the visual continuity and cultural authenticity required to make each Olympic game, and each host city, unique.

After the 2008 Olympics introduced a modern China to the world, we want to look at what image is being communicated for the upcoming Olympics 2022 and a future identity for the country. The panel and presentations will investigate the mechanism behind the design process and narrations and how this is interlinked with large-scale urban development in Beijing.

Moderation: Zhang Han
Panelists: Che Fei, Céline Lamée and Heavenly North (Yu Gong & Zhixuan)

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