a collage of intermediate results by Johanna K. Becker

Staying away from the grass is humane

Exhibition Detail: Staying away from the grass is humane

Published: September 14 2019
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The three- and two-dimensional works of Johanna K Becker are floating around visions and concepts of nature, landscape, and creation, driven by pure fascination for the unseen, on which we rely every day as pretended. Mostly her early objects remind of mollusks, maritime beings, exotic flora or fauna. Their representation seems to be related to the odd charm of those kinds of natural history museums and curiosity cabinets, where scientific nosiness and fascination are interwoven with a strong aesthetic approach - a phenomenon that reaches from the early modern age to our post-digital present, if one might think of enchanting and kitschy images of unseen zones in space, which only can be represented by means of measurement data and speculations.

In regard to this, the works of Johanna K Becker directly aim at our imagination - the human ability to imagine something that is not present or not yet realized. But imagination does not only achieve an intellectual activity. It is not just a matter of imagining something that is not sensual. But it is also about the human capacity to productively alter the vision of something that is not present. In other words it is about the process of dealing with oneself, into an open future. Imagination is therefore a human practice that is characterized by its own future.

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