北京土行孙 /

Teleport Beijing
Part 1

Published: September 14 2019
Reading Time: 1 minute read


The subway runs through the city like a blood veins in our body and transports its residents to the different parts of its body. Facing the ever-growing city and rise of housing prices, commuting with the subway has become an important part of our urban life. For the individuals travelling through this bloodstream, the subway has become a tool to get from one place to another, often also changing one identity to another identity. A subway ride is an extension of a life ritual, that further transforms from one state of living to another.

Leng Yue and Xiaoxiao created a gymnastic system corresponding to the shapes of the subway exists on Beijing subway map. Each subway stop will have its own movement and the series of all subway stops will make up the Beijing subway gymnastic system. People using the subway are starting at one point going through different subway stops until the terminal station, which will make up their gymnastic routine. The movement of sitting on the subway is transformed into a “ritual movement”, like a subway ritualism.